PlastiDip is a synthetic rubber coating that can be sprayed on your car or wheels to give it a custom look with a custom color and all while protecting the original paint or finish.

PlastiDip not only protects and adds style, it also is 100% peelable!

Yep that is correct. PlastiDip is totally peelable if applied correctly and its safe for any finish and paint.

PlastiDip is the hottest new way of

customizing and changing the color of your car, wheels, trim, emblems, grills and so on. its peelable car paint with hundreds of colors available. Anything from a Matte color to a crazy unbelievable gloss color flip pearl with chameleon effects. With PlastiDip you can achieve a custom pearl Dip job at a fraction oh the price that a real custom pearl paint job would cost you. And don't forget that its also peelable, so when you get tired of the color you can peel it off and start off fresh again. So call ALKO Tint Shop today and together we can come up with a PlastiDip color and a way to customize your car and make it look one of kind .

Spokane PlastiDip

What is PlastiDip?

Matte Black Finish